US Team Favorable In Rio

With the Rio games that began with sailing races, many teams displayed amazing endurance and skill while experienced teams and participants lagged behind, especially in the first two days of the races. For instance, team US displayed speed even in complex weather. It is said that the teams were spruced up this time as the last time they were unable to bag a single medal in the 2012 London Olympics.

On the third day of the races there were light winds in the afternoon, which gave way to rain later on. As the Nacra 17 and 470 races were on there were shiftier and heavy breezes experienced. Those who were part of the open ocean course had to battle winds that were in constant 25 knots with waves that rose over eight feet.

Even with these challenges the US team was able to gain strong scores in the end of most of the races. As a result, they have been able to maintain position in the top ten among the eight classes of races, at least in five of them according to this website. Annie Haeger of the women’s 407 team stated that the Wednesday races were supposed to have a lot of breeze, but they simply died down in the middle of the races.

With shifty winds it becomes difficult to predict and that makes sailing more challenging. She and her partner Provancha might have been making their Olympic debut, but they showed their comfort in being among the best in the international sailing front. They even finished one race in the third which gave them a fifth overall position on that day. They both felt that the experience of competing with the best women sailors was an exhilarating experience. The teams from the country in general are optimistic about gaining better positions this time in Rio.