The Chennai upcoming regatta has gained with the sailing headlines because of Telangana.

According to reports, Telangana is sending 26 sailors to participate in the India International Regatta in Chennai. The regatta will start on 15 December and will go till 20 December. By sending this number of participants in championship Telangana has taken the share of 50 percent of Indian fleet.

Including Malaysia and Singapore total 12 countries will take part in this event. The regatta is also the Youth Nationals under the Federation. Thus, each sailor participating here will get one chance to win one regatta which is rolled of two championships.

In the championship; Rishab Nayar of Telangana who is also a national champion will lead the event. Nayar will join championship coming from Chicago as he has been migrated there Nayar is just 14 years old, but he has managed to get the weight of 65 kg to sail bigger Radial rig in the senior category. Siblings of Rishabh, Tanishq Desai and Juhi will also participate in the international regatta at Chennai and will hit the water.Continue reading

The United States Sailing Youth Worlds Team finished a successful meet in Langkawi, Malaysia, where US sailors snatched a win in the boy’s International 420 class and ended in the Top-10 in 4 other classes.

Bram Brakman and Will Logue earned the 1st American gold medal at the world’s top youth regatta since the year 2007, though the America has won 7 silver medals as well as 4 bronze medals in that time span.
US Olympic Sailing’s Managing Director Josh Adams stated that the United States Sailing Youth Worlds Team put on a tough showing for USA youth sailing at ISAF Youth Worlds that took place in Langkawi. Bram and Will sailed a commanding gold-medal job in the 420, and the whole squad contributed to its fifth spot standing in Nations Trophy meet.
420 helmsman Logue was still absorbing the victory after a few hours after coming back on United States. Standing on the podium was quite surreal, and magnificent. All of the contestants were cheering them on as well. The International 420 class as a whole is really close, and the reason that everyone is good friends made it more special.

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Still, there is no damage estimate or any cause determined in Annapolis Yacht Club’s fire incident on Saturday, said the city officials on Monday. The crew is still cleaning the site and the fire investigators combing through the debris.

The yacht club is looking for a way to rebuild. It was Saturday when blaze tore through the building, charring the 2nd and 3rd floors. The officials of the club told that they are thinking of possible temporary locations for the next 15 to 24 months before they come back here.

Annapolis Yacht Club
The old Fawcett Boat Supplies property located at 110 Compromise St. has been given as a probable location, even though it would need rehabilitation to get it all set. The incident took place just before the holiday season. At this situation, the club officials told that they would pay their hundred-fifty employees for a minimum of thirty days with probable extensions after that time. The officials also stated that they are looking if they can help their employees to have new jobs – possibly with Yacht Charter Croatia and other yachting companies.

Many businesses have offered space for the Annapolis Yacht Club to use – like Loews Hotel that will host the Commodore’s Holiday Party on Wednesday with the Annapolis Yacht Club staffs. Rod Jabin, the Annapolis Yacht Club Commodore met with top city officials at the City Hall to discuss as how they could get the club as well as its employees on their feet. They have already chalk out the primary details in the conference.