New Record For Around Jamestown

We have a new Mount Gay Rum around Jamestown Record. Who set this record? It’s none other than Zach Marks from Florida, who managed this excellent feat. He rode his foiling Kiteboard for 53 minutes and 37 seconds (elapsed time). The previous record was for 56 minutes and 33 seconds. Or in other words, the new record beats the previous record by 2 minutes and 56 seconds.

Marks started his journey at 12 EDT. He chose the path around the island to port. He went in the north direction. As for the breeze, he had to deal with 20-25 knot breeze.

As for Mark, it wasn’t his first attempt. It was his 3rd attempt. In his previous two attempts, he took more than 1 hour. He made both attempts in July 2014. He used 10m F-One foil kite. And he used them in 15-meter lines.

When asked about his incredible feat, Mark said that he had this on his bucket list for a long time, alongside a Bareboat Charter in Dubrovnik. Also, the prize and format made it even more attractive for him. For him, it was an opportunity to stay away from traditional windward leeward racing. He mentioned the local support crew, which was integral to his incredible achievement. According to him, he couldn’t have done it without the help of the amazing crew.

The wind was always going to be challenging. But Mark was ready to face it. It was indeed a super gutsy race. The gusty wind posed several challenges but Mark was very determined. And he had other small issues as well. But he never had to deal with equipment damage.

Let’s learn more about the record. The record season is from May 25th – October 31st. And they are allowed to try it during daylight only. He will also receive the Mount Gay Rum award as well. So, there are so many things to look forward to for Mark.