Challenges To America’s Cup

For those who are enthusiasts about America’s Cup will also realize one more aspect of this sailing tournament that it has a thrilling component to the races, more than the other kinds of sailing races. There are several accolade winning sailors on these teams such as Andrew Campbell, who has won Youth Worlds to College Sailor as well as gone on to the Olympic Games. He is part of the team that would be defending America’s Cup. He states that there are certain safety and risk concerns of this tournament.

For the fans who wonder how the sailors handle the terrifying speed, most would state that it is alright as they get used to the speed with several practice sessions and sailing most of their lives. However, as per the statistical aspects there are certain dangerous points and certain places where the boat and the sailor could be at risk. For the risks involved, there is much stress on safety gear like helmets and air tanks.

There are impact vests as well as safety knives that every team is equipped with. Every team has to have a diver as well as a paramedic team close at hand when the teams go sailing – with much of it provided by Skiathos Yacht Charter. The extraction points on shore as well as capsize protocols are other risk aversion education techniques that every team needs to know. Backboard training as well as comprehensive insurance cover highlights the risks that are inherent in this trade or sport.

Hence, if one looks at the competition from such an angle, it would definitely seem scary. Often there is human error involved as well. For instance, if one is sailing on a catamaran of an experimental foiling design and fails in a certain tactical situation, it puts the crew in a spot and they need to work their way to prevent the boat from capsizing or from hitting other boats.